Loki Poster Kicks Off Countdown to Disney Premiere This Summer

Disney and Marvel have unveiled a brand new poster for the upcoming Loki TV series. The show, which is coming to Disney this summer, is poised to bring Tom Hiddleston Back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe once again as Thors trickster brother. The poster sees Hiddleston in chains, seemingly gearing up for a stint in prison for his various crimes. The poster was shared with the following caption by the official Disney social media channels. . This will be the third show set within the confines of the MCU to debut on Disney . WandaVision kicked things off earlier this year, and the show proved to be a massive success. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, meanwhile}, is debuting its first episode this Friday. These shows, as well as the others that are in development, such as Ms. Marvel, Hawkeyey, She-Hulk and Moon Knight, are heavily connected to the movies. That is in stark contrast to previous live-action shows produced during the MCU era. These shows also come with massive production budgets, comparable to that of a movie. So there is no penny-pinching going on. . . Plot details for Loki are largely being kept under wraps. But it centers on the villain played by Tom Hiddleston, who resumes his role as the God of Mischief. The series takes place after the events of Avengers. Endgame. As fans may well recall, Loki made off with the Tesseract during the so-called time heist. The show will reveal what happened to him after that bit of trickery. Kate Herron directs with Michael Waldron serving as the head writer. The cast also includes Owen Wilson, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Sophia Di Martino, Wunmi Mosaku and Richard E. Grant. . It took more than a year for Disney to get a new, scripted Marvel show on its roster. But now that the floodgates have opened, the MCU waters are flowing in a big way. WandaVision was just the tip of the iceberg. Not long after The Falcon and the Winter Soldier wraps up its run, Loki will be getting ready to premiere. In the middle of that, if all goes well, Black Widow will finally be hitting theaters a full year after it was initially slated to arrive. Safe to say, Phase 4 of the MCU is, at long last, in full swing. . . Tom Hiddleston made his debut as Loki in 2011s Thor before taking his place as the main villain in 2012s The Avengers. He has since remained a staple of the MCU, appearing in Thor. The Dark World, Thor. Ragnarok and both Avengers. Endgame and Avengers. Infinity War. However, he was killed by Thanos at the beginning of Infinity War. And directors Joe and Anthony Russo have confirmed that he is indeed dead. So we know, ultimately, where his story ends. Loki premieres on June 11. Be sure to check out the new poster for yourself from the Disney Twitter account. .


3月12日に配信開始されたSnow Manの冠番組『それSnowManにやらせて下さい』の第44回。深澤辰哉の告白シチュエーションは“クラスで1番モテる男”という設定で、まずは教室に呼び出した本命の女の子に手作りチョコを渡した。最後は「次はトイレで会おうね」と、謎の決めゼリフを放ち、メンバーは「どういうこと?」と騒然となり、女子高生は「最悪……」とドン引き。佐久間が「ちょっと! 本物の警察誰か呼んで!」とスタッフに訴えた。それでも、深澤は悪びれることなく「違う、プリプリって感じの……」と、かわいいポーズで排泄行為の説明を続けたため、メンバーが「これは鳥肌立った」「それスノ出禁やろ!」などと、番組出演を禁止されそうなキモ発言に頭を抱えていたと日刊大衆が報じた。
. 3月12日に配信開始されたSnow Manの冠番組『それSnowManにやらせて下さい』の第44回。深澤辰哉の告白シチュエーションは“クラスで1番モテる男”という設定で、まずは教室に呼び出した本命の女の子に手作りチョコを渡した。最後は「次はトイレで会おうね」と、謎の決めゼリフを放ち、メンバーは「どういうこと?」と騒然となり、女子高生は「最悪……」とドン引き。佐久間が「ちょっと! 本物の警察誰か呼んで!」とスタッフに訴えた。それでも、深澤は悪びれることなく「違う、プリプリって感じの……」と、かわいいポーズで排泄行為の説明を続けたため、メンバーが「これは鳥肌立った」「それスノ出禁やろ!」などと、番組出演を禁止されそうなキモ発言に頭を抱えていたと日刊大衆が報じた。

スタート時は1mの間隔確保 10月開催の東京マラソン

.  東京マラソンは2~3月に実施してきたが、財団は昨秋、2021年については10月17日に延期すると発表していた。前回20年大会はコロナの影響で「エリートの部」のみの開催だったため、一般ランナーの参加は2大会ぶりとなる。
.  19日に公表された大会要項によると、21年大会ではランナーに体調管理アプリを導入してもらい、受付や入場ゲートでの検温を実施する。コロナに感染していないかを確認するため、ランナー全員への検査も検討しているという。
.  また、スタート時はランナー間の距離を1メートル空ける。走る直前までマスク着用を求め、給水はふたがついたコップを使用。仮に緊急事態宣言が出されていた場合、大会は中止となる可能性があるという。
.  一般ランナーの募集は22~31日。定員2万5千人のうち、7千人は前回大会で出走する予定だった一般ランナーを対象とした優先枠となる。(軽部理人)

Jordyn Woods and Karl-Anthony Towns Slam Cheating Rumors, Tease Engagement

Jordyn Woods and her boyfriend, Karl-Anthony Towns, set the record straight about rumors that he cheated on her and even teased an engagement six months after making their relationship Instagram official. . . The socialite, 23, shut down speculation Karl-Anthony was ever unfaithful after a series of screenshots circulated online alleging that he was direct messaging another woman on Instagram behind Jordyn’s back in December 2020. . “People really be praying [for] your downfall,” Jordyn vented about the shocking accusations in a series of tweets, later posting, “So crazy how someone can make fake screenshots and send it to blogs and y’all believe it. ” Kylie Jenner’s former BFF added, “My relationship is more than solid, and I put that on everything. ”. . Jordyn laughed off the messages going viral and told her followers the NBA player, 25, “doesn’t even talk like that. ” The up-and-coming actress pointed out she usually refrains from addressing rumors publicly, but felt she had to speak up this time because the claims were taking aim at her boyfriend’s “character. ” .

地下鉄サリン事件から20日で26年 若い新規入信者も…オウム残党の�

.  教団の組織は現在「Aleph(アレフ)」「山田らの集団」「ひかりの輪」の3つに分裂して活動を続けている。監視を続ける公安調査庁によると、信者数は国内に約1650人、ロシアに約130人、施設は国内15都道府県、31施設にのぼる。
.  コロナ禍でも続けている勧誘活動は巧妙化し、昨年はアレフだけで約60人を新たに入信させ、うち7割が34歳以下だった。3団体で毎年約100人の新規入信者が確認されているという。
. 「最近の勧誘の第一歩はSNSで、趣味にヨガと書いている人がいれば『いいね』を押すところから始まる。団体名を隠して、ヨガ教室などに誘い込み、悩みごとを聞いたりして信頼関係を築いたうえで、最後に団体名を明かして入信させたりしている」(捜査関係者)
.  公安調査庁は入学シーズンを前に今月1日から1か月間、インターネット上やユーチューブに「オウム真理教は今も… ネットを見ている若い皆さん! SNSからも若い世代が入会しています」などと動画広告を展開している。
.  その中では、教団が信者に「自分が死んだときには親族による遺体の引き取りを拒否する」という遺言書を書かせるなど閉鎖的な体質のほか、信者獲得によって年々、資産を増やしている実態も明かされている。
. 「以前と変わらず、信者にはお布施をさせ、一昨年11月の報告分だけでも3団体の資産は計12億9100万円にまで膨れ上がっている。一方、昨年11月に最高裁がアレフに対し、一連の事件の被害者や遺族へ10億円余りの賠償金を支払う判決が確定したものの、いまだ支払いには至っていない」(前出関係者)
.  一連のオウム事件を知らない世代が取り込まれないよう、事件を風化させてはいけない。

Daniel Craig and Catherine Tate’s Nan to star in James Bond sketch for Comic Relief

James Bond has faced all manner of villains, spy bosses and double agents in his time, but it looks as though he’s finally met his match with Catherine Tate’s Nan in an upcoming Comic Relief sketch. . . Daniel Craig, who’s been Britain’s resident Bond since 2008, stars in a brand new Red Nose Day sketch tonight alongside Catherine Tate, who’s reprising her character Nan – the foul-mouthed OAP seen on The Catherine Tate Show. . . The skit is set to air during Comic Relief’s three-hour comedy special tonight, hosted by Alesha Dixon, David Tennant, Davina McCall, Paddy McGuinness and Sir Lenny Henry. . . Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Bond sketch. . . What is the Comic Relief James Bond sketch?. The exclusive sketch, which airs during Comic Relief’s 2021 special tonight, will follow “Britain’s best loved OAP” Nan Catherine Tate, who’s taken a part time job as a cleaner, as she finds herself face to face with the James Bond Daniel Craig whilst tidying up the office of Secret Intelligence Service head M. . . When 007 pops up on M’s screen for his latest security briefing, he’s suddenly interrogated by the elderly pensioner. “Will the foul mouth senior citizen leave James Bond shaken and stirred?” Comic Relief teased ahead of the sketch. . . Who stars in the sketch?. Daniel Craig, who’ll be making his last appearance as Bond in the delayed No Time to Die, stars in this Comic Relief sketch alongside comedian Catherine Tate, who’s donning heavy make-up and a frazzled wig to play her character Nan. . . “Nan had a right old time meeting Bond. What a smashing fella!” Catherine Tate said. “As ever, it was great fun filming this Comic Relief sketch, huge thanks to Daniel and all the Bond team for being such great sports. I hope it raises lots of money on the night. ”. . When will it air?. This brand new Bond sketch will air during Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day 2021 telethon tonight, which begins at 7pm on BBC One. . . The three-hour comedy special will also feature sketches from the likes of Lenny Henry, Dawn French, Jack Whitehall, David Tennant, Michael Sheen, Mel Giedroyc, Rege-Jane Page and the casts of Normal People and Fleabag.

Fashionably vaccinated: Dolly Parton is doing it so why shouldn’t you?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Dolly Parton? For most people, I can bet you that it is always country music and well for others, the fact that she is a successful entrepreneur. . . Well, let’s just say that those descriptions fit her professional side of life perfectly, but just like everyone else, the ‘Jolene’ singer has a fun side to her busy schedule. . . Remember the Dolly Parton challenge not too long ago? The challenge where there was a series of four-panel image macro series in which people parody how they present themselves on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder. Yes, that was created by her hence the name The Dolly Parton Challenge. . . The multi-talented mogul clearly shows no signs of stopping as she is back with something new and, as usual, for a good cause. Not only did she play a big role in funding the Covid-19 vaccine, but the music icon is also showing you how to dress up and show up for it. . . While getting her jab, she strategically wore a sparkling violet top opting for a clingy top with clever shoulder cutouts along with matching cutoff gloves and a purple mask. . . The outfit serves the purpose, right? Her cold shoulder top is setting fashion trends globally and is even being termed as the new vaccination look. . Considering that getting the vaccination is a clinical process, it only makes sense to add a bit of fun, colour, and creativity when having this process done to you. Dolly Parton is doing it so why shouldn’t you?. We have witnessed men go shirtless in the last couple of days while getting the shot, but for the fashion-conscious males out there, you can always come up with something creative to wear. I mean, you are not limited. In case you are wondering what the cold shoulder trend in fashion terms means, let me give you an insight into it. It is basically a cut-out. Commonly referred to as the naked trend, this particular piece is what you need to add to your wardrobe, especially when getting ready to go get your vaccine shot. While men have the option of going shirtless for their jabs, we can all agree that going topless is not something the ladies want to do. So what should one wear when getting themselves vaccinated against Covid- 19?. . While many people, especially abroad have been dressing up for this occasion which is evident from their vaxxies, yes, vaxxies, there is that which you should wear to your vaccine appointment. . . Well, health centres recommend wearing layers and short sleeves while getting your shot. While dressing up in short sleeves might be self-explanatory, wearing layers simply means dressing up in many garments that are worn on top of each other. . . A nice casual polo as seen on US president Joe Biden while getting the vaccine is a better solution compared to having to unbutton your entire shirt or going entirely topless. The good old classic cardigan over a tank top combo could also work as your go-to option. . . Ladies are obviously spoilt for choice when it comes to showing up to get your vaccine. While Dolly Parton may have set the trend, you are not limited on what to wear if you are of course interested in making a fashion statement. . . The next couple of days will have us see many more people get the shot and that also means that many more fashion trends will be set. . . While cold shoulder tops remain to be the better option, your off shoulder as well as sleeveless tops or dresses could save you from the hustle of having to partly undress for the vaccine shot. . . At the end of the day, what matters is that you get vaccinated, but it doesn’t hurt to add a bit of fashion, style, and glamour for the occasion.

John Oates to host virtual concert to benefit Feeding America

ASHVILLE, Tenn. WKRN — This Saturday, Rock N Roll Hall of Fame musician John Oates will be putting on a live two hour streaming concert called Oates Fest 7908. . . It is free to attend but Oates is hoping that folks will donate to Feeding America, which helps food banks across the country including the 2nd Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee. . Oates and his wife Aimee came up with this idea during the rise of COVID-19. . . “And it was during the pandemic when we were sitting at home here in Nashville and we kept watching the news saying I wish we could do more,” said Oates. . . “We realized the food insecurity had really become an epidemic portion in America and we want to do more, so we decided to combine what we do best with feeding America they are a fantastic organization, and we got a few big names to sign on and once the flood gates open we had so many wonderful performers jumping on board. ”. . The concert will feature all types of music and tons of huge artists with a lot of them from right here in Nashville. . . Featured artists include Daryl Hall, Dave Grohl, Bob Weir

CLベスト8の組み合わせが決定! バイエルンはPSG、レアルはリバプールと�

.  イングランド勢はマンチェスター・シティ、リバプール、チェルシーの最多3クラブ。ドイツ勢はバイエルン、ドルトムントの2クラブ。スペイン勢からは唯一レアルが突破し、ベスト16でユベントスを破ったポルトを加え、準々決勝へと駒を進めた8クラブが出揃った。
.  そして、ベスト8の抽選会が行われ、前回王者バイエルンは昨季ファイナリストのPSG、悲願の欧州制覇を目指すシティはドルトムントと対戦。レアルはリバプールとのビッグゲームに臨む形となった。チェルシーはポルトと対戦する。
.  CLベスト8の組み合わせは以下の通り。
. マンチェスター・シティ(イングランド)対ドルトムント(ドイツ)
. ポルト(ポルトガル)対チェルシー(イングランド)
. バイエルン・ミュンヘン(ドイツ)対パリ・サンジェルマン(フランス)
. レアル・マドリード(スペイン)対リバプール(イングランド)(Football ZONE web編集部)